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Noreen Ruth is an active contributor to a variety of financial-related blogs and websites – including ASAP Credit Card. Knowledgeable in all areas of personal finance, she specializes in credit and debt-related issues.

Reasons Your Credit Card Application May Have Been Denied

Credit Card Application DeniedA tough economy and strict government regulations have made it even more difficult for some people to be approved for a credit card. In fact, the number of credit card applications that have been rejected has increased by 7 percent over the course of the last year and that’s a significant number of disappointed Americans who won’t have the luxury of borrowing. Being turned down can be embarrassing and frustrating, especially when there were no problems being approved in the past. More

Will the New iPhone Kill the Credit Card?

Over the last decade or so, mobile payment companies have worked furiously to come up with a more secure way for consumers to do what they do best – spend money. Many of the innovations had great potential, but consumers were less than eager to jump on board and confidence about security has always been in question. Credit card payment systems haven’t changed much over the last twenty years – the classic swipe and sign is something we’ve all be accustomed to at the payment counter; but just like they transformed the music industry with the iPod, Apple is hoping to change the way we process credit card payments with Apple Pay. More

Credit Card Companies Now Offering Free Access to Your Credit Score

Credit Scores MatterWith so much attention given to the importance of credit scores by all facets of the media, i.e., print, television and online, the results of a 2013 study of 1,022 Americans came as a surprise with as many as two-fifths (408) of those surveyed unaware of important facets of their personal credit scores. The study, co-sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and VantageScore Solutions, demonstrated the need for easier access of consumer credit scores. More

An Option to Ease the Fear of Paying Medical Bills

What are Americans to do??? While our healthcare system wasn’t perfect, it was the best in the world and now it’s in such disarray that those who had insurance are now in the position of needing to shop around for coverage that meets the new government standards. In the process, the medical establishment has been shaken to its core with doctors wondering what the future holds. With so much uncertainty, the biggest fear of many Americans is to suffer a catastrophic health emergency with no means to pay. More

An American Express Benefit for The Holidays

American Express Shop Runner BenefitFree shipping is the bait most often used by retailers to lure consumers to their websites during holiday season. For a fee, offers their ‘Prime’ customers that privilege, but for many of us the annual fee doesn’t justify the potential savings. And then comes American Express with an offer for any average Joe who qualifies for one of their credit cards. Here’s the scoop on the latest complimentary benefit AMEX card holders will enjoy, especially during the mad rush of the holidays. More

Another Positive Report About the CARD Act

CARD ActAn ongoing political debate rages on about whether or not the intervention of the federal government is a necessity or a hindrance to the free market. It gets especially heated when the proposed changes affect our personal finances. The CARD Act has been in place for four years and is generally viewed as one piece of legislation that has been a benefit rather than and intrusion to American consumers, and the latest report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) adds to that positive impression. More

4 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards

Maximize Credit Card RewardsIf you’re like many people, you’re drawn to using a specific credit card by the thought of earning big rewards just for using it for all of your purchasing needs. You use it exclusively for much of your spending and then forget about it and fail to take advantage of optimizing your rewards, or even worse you leave them unredeemed and move on to a new account with a lower interest rate or better terms. Be more vigilant… not taking advantage of your credit card rewards is like throwing money down the drain! More

The Cause of Fluctuating Credit Card Limits

Gone are the days when getting enough credit to buy whatever your heart desired was as simple as filling out a credit card application. It wasn’t unusual for a first time borrowers to be approved for a credit limit of several thousand dollars without any proof of income. As a result of the so-called ‘free’ money, many Americans developed poor spending habits and became overwhelmed with large credit card balances that would take years to pay off. Something had to give, and lenders responded. More

Lower Delinquency Rates Great for Consumers

Lower Delinquency RatesRecent analysis of the credit card markets brought good news to most major lenders by showing a drop in past due credit card payments of at least 30 days. The drop in delinquencies to 2.47% is the lowest seen since 1994, according to the American Bankers Association in their latest Consumer Credit Delinquency Bulletin. Credit card loss rates have historically been between 3-5 percent. Fewer late payments is also good news for consumers as it points to an economy that is beginning to rebound. More

Credit Insurance – A Costly Add-On to Avoid

Avoid Credit InsuranceThere are several reasons you may be tempted to agree to an insurance policy being offered by your credit card company. Perhaps you’ve run your cards to the max or you’re struggling to make even the minimum payment with little hope of being able to pay it off. Just in the nick of time a letter comes from your credit card company offering to provide you with a life-line. But should you accept the offer or keep treading water and look for other ways to protect yourself and prevent drowning in debt? More