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Q: What is the status of my credit card application?

Please do not send us your account number or personal information. We do not have access to the status of your credit card application or any account information.

If you’d like to find out the status of your application, contact the credit card issuer directly by visiting their website or giving them a call. See our Bank Contact Page for assistance.

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Q: Are online credit card applications secure?

Yes! All credit card applications available on this site feature Secure SSL Technology.

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Q: Can I apply for a credit card if I’m not a U.S. resident?

Yes. ASAP Credit also features a variety of credit card offers for UK residents. And we’ve recently added several Canadian credit card offers as wel.

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Q: When will I know if I’ve been approved?

While several credit card issuers offer “instant online decisions”, not all credit card companies are as quick to provide a response to your application. In many cases it may take a couple days, and in the worst case scenario, it may take several weeks to find out your approval status after you apply online.

If you need to know your approval status quickly, see our section on Instant Approval Credit Cards for credit cards which offer instant online decisions in as little as 60 seconds.

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Q: How long before I receive my credit card?

Most credit cards take up to 3 weeks to receive by mail.

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Q: What can I do if my application is not approved?

Credit card issuers are obligated to provide you with reasons for declining a credit card application. You should receive something in writing within several weeks, or you can contact the credit card issuer directly for a quicker explanation. Ask the issuer whether you can make any changes to increase your chances of obtaining a card.

Common reasons for declined applications:

  • Don’t meet the required annual income
  • Already have several declined credit card applications
  • Credit report contains mistakes or unapproved activity
  • Poor credit rating or unestablished credit history
  • Your total available credit is too high relative to your income

Of course, you can always attempt to apply for another credit card. Since every credit card issuer has different standards for evaluating and approving applications, it’s still possible to get approved for a different card, or by another issuer whose standards may be different.

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